Saturday, December 27, 2014

"Re"ng in the New Year

According to, 45% of Americans create a New Year's Resolution while only 8% are successful with their resolution.  Why is this statistic so bleak?  Is it because we set our sights too high and create un unattainable resolution?  Is it because we don't have the drive and passion to see our resolution through be successful?  It is because our resolution doesn't provide immediate results and we give up too soon?  Maybe it is our approach to resolutions.  Instead of creating a new resolution, maybe we should "re"ng in the new year by re-focusing, re-connecting, or re-energizing ourselves.

At the beginning of the year, I created a goal for myself.  I was going to flip some professional learning experiences for our staff.  Instead of creating a new goal, I am going to re-focus and continue to enhance this learning experience for our staff.  Instead of putting another thing on my plate, I need to re-focus my efforts and work to create a deeper level of learning and understanding of my current goal.

It is important for me to re-connect with those who help me grow and learn as a professional.  Whether it is through my amazingly talented and inspirational PLN through Twitter, the various Google communities or the more personal connections on Voxer, I need to take the time to re-connect with those who add value to me as a professional.

I need to remember to take the time for myself and re-energize my spirits, my body, and my family.  First and most importantly, I am a dad and a husband.  When I get home from school, they are my priorities.  My email and phone calls can wait.  There is nothing more energizing than a wrestling match with my 5 year old son, reading a book with my 2 year old daughter, or playing school with my 6 year old daughter.  My children and my wife are what keep me young, re-energize me, and give me purpose.

So how are you going to "re"ng in the new year?  Will you re-focus, re-connect, or re-energize?  The key is to keep it simple, keep it personal and keep it real.

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