Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer of Learning - How I plan to sharpen my saw

Now that summer is upon us, I often get asked by my friends what I am going to do with all of my "Free Time"  I chuckle a bit when I hear this question because I don't view it as free time.  I am still working, reflecting, and planning ahead for the upcoming school year, even if I am not physically going into school. What exactly are my plans to sharpen the saw?

1. Be a dad and a husband.  I feel as though I have a pretty good work/life balance.  I try to disconnect when I get home (at least until the kids are all in bed).  I cherish our dinner conversations, bath time, and bedtime reading sessions. But now I have a few more opportunities to go on day excursions, build forts, have water balloon fights, go swimming, go to the art museum, go to the farm, play at the park and do more of what my kids want to do.  Maybe I will have a "yes" day where whatever they want to do, my answer will be "yes".  I am VERY excited to sharpen my saw, put their wishes, dreams and desires first and be a totally devoted dad and husband for a few weeks!

2. Read more blogs. Twitter has opened my world up to many talented, wise and passionate educators. Connecting with these educators has allowed me to read their blogs which in turn has challenged my thinking, validated my practices, and exposed me to new ideas and concepts. I plan on catching up on some of the blog posts I have "marked to read" and look to find more blogs to subscribe to and read on a regular basis. I want to sharpen my saw and continue to grow and learn from all of PLN.

3. Reflect. This was my first year in my current role as an assistant principal in my current district. Moving to a new district provided many exciting learning opportunities.  I learned from many people and shared my thinking with new staff, students and families.  I want to take the time to reflect upon the last year, celebrate the successes, learn from the mistakes and create a plan on how I will continue to provide a service to our students, staff, families and community in a greater way than I did last year.  I want to sharpen my saw to become a better educator and leader for the upcoming school year.

4. Be creative. I don't consider myself a very creative person. I know it is there I just don't always take the time to express my creativity. This summer, I want to tap into that creative spirit a bit more. I want to try and relearn how to play the guitar. I want to draw and paint with my daughter. I want to build creative forts with my son.  I want to build some creative habits which will carry over into the coming months.  I want to sharpen my "creative" saw and live like I was a child again.

5. Be adventurous. I want to try new restaurants. I want to try new technology. I want to push myself to leave my comfort zone.  I want to have a "why not" attitude instead of a "yeah but..." attitude.  I want to go for the gusto and be brave.  I want to sharpen my saw and create new and exciting adventures.

How are you going to sharpen your saw?

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